Art For Good

Art for Good is our philosophy. In a rapidly changing world where it sometimes seems difficult to feel like you’re standing on solid ground, KidSAKE knows it’s important to continually put good back into the world.

KidSAKE is developing a dynamic menu of programs for young people and a few classes or workshops that don’t set limits on age. Through writing, design and production workshops and classes with a theatrical platform, young people will be trained to have skills that increase literacy and build self-esteem while giving back to the community through service initiatives.

“An arts education provides a valuable foundation for all learning and life experiences, ,” states Jenny Rogers, KidSAKE Executive Director.  Our goal is to equip, empower, engage and inspire young people in such a way that they know the thrill of having created something great to share in the world–the type of things that can be life-changing.”


The Picasso Project combines more than 20 art exhibits spanning the various creative periods of Picasso’s career, an international peace project, and full length, original theatrical production. Number of students and volunteers impacted in 2012: 300+ Please join us as we continue work on this expansive project!

The Honduras Project: This project has been through many phases since 2000.  We have provided helpful resources and created arts exchanges, worked with the women from Clementina’s soup kitchen on a micro-enterprise project and adopted a young mother’s education, funding her through nursing school. Let us know if this project is something you would like to support.


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The KidSAKE Foundation is  about empowering and inspiring youth as they discover their talents through engagement in arts activities from page to stage; imagination to creation.

Using multiple arts disciplines, KidSAKE will mentor youth, serve the community, collaborate with local enterprise, artists, and education professionals. We seek to encourage, discover, support, renew, energize our imaginations and be empowered and engaged in changing the world using the arts for good.

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