Project Status:

Chicken Coop: completed under the direction and guidance from INFOP engineers and instructors. Coop built by KidSAKE volunteers, led by Jenny Rogers and KSF Student Ambassador Emily Rogers, U.S. Military volunteers, children and parents from The Clementina Martinez soup kitchen and local villagers.

Soup Kitchen Art project: Partnered with and commissioned Eudoro “Lolito” Lizardo, local artist, and his students to paint the outside of the soup kitchen. Students volunteered their time; KidSAKE provided materials; Lolito matched some of the funding for additional resources and donated his time.

Soup Kitchen: Partnered with INFOP; landscaped

Soup Kitchen Garden: Partnered with INFOP; irrigation supplies purchased; ground prepped by students from INFOP.

Soup Kitchen Fence: partnered with volunteers from Soto Cano Airbase [U.S. Military] and villagers in Cane to dig hole, bend rebar, pour cement, clear rocks, etc., to begin clearing the ground and prepping for a fence to be built [a project outside of our budget, but important]. KidSAKE purchased all supplies required for the fence except the cinderblock and wrought iron; this project is still ongoing.

Scholarship: Created in 2013, funded through private donations and fundraising efforts. Dania Padilla applied for and won the scholarship, which provided for her attendance to nursing school, which she finished in 2015. She also dual-enrolled and received her high school diploma during this time period. Dania grew up attending the soup kitchen for meals as a child as do her children currently. Way to go, Dania! We are so proud of you!

June, 2013: Our team is preparing again! This time, we will be working to further the micro-enterprise mission for The Clementina Martinez Foundation. The women are excited and ready to go. The project is a chicken coop. The women of the soup kitchen met and felt that this is the best thing for them as they know how to raise chickens and think they can do the best job with this. When they have mastered it–or as they grow–they would like to add jewelry making and maybe selling bread. This is a great step for the women. I’m so proud of them! Please join us in our project by:

  • Donate airline miles to the team (American)
  • Sponsor our Youth Ambassador (who will stay for a month or more)
  • Help provide supplies for the project and funding for ground travel

Thank you so much for your support.

July 26 – August 9, 2012:Our team is ready to go! We have three college students, Gabrielle and Austin, from Florida; Matthew from Missouri and Jenny from Tennessee/Michigan. We are working on the following:

1. Our book project with Clementina and the women from the soup kitchen

2. Micro-enterprise project for Clementina and her foundation for an income stream. This is arts-based.

3. Follow up on past projects

4. Setting up our March 2013 trip during Easter and spring breaks. We are putting together a Medical Brigade for the spring trip. If you are interested, please let us know!

Keep us in your prayers and watch for updates during the trip!

Thank you for your support. You may donate through Paypal by accessing our ‘donate now’ buttons on pages of this blog.


Jenny Rogers

Executive Director, The KidSAKE Foundation

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