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September 26, 2016

A note from Executive Director and KidSAKE Founder, Jenny Rogers:

A very valuable lesson that we have learned during our years of traveling to Honduras is that, at times, hope is hard to come by. KidSAKE began BECAUSE OF the need in Honduras, particularly in Cane. Clementina, who is now [2016] in her eighties, was running a soup kitchen without support and my friend Maggie and I wanted to help. Over the years, as we worked with the soup kitchen, spoke to the women and children, did projects at the soup kitchen and school [large and small in scope], we came to know Dania, her mother, and children. We knew that if we could help to facilitate Dania’s education, then it would inspire others and show them possibility. Arts initiatives are the goal of KidSAKE, but building self-esteem and community are also at its core. Gil Rogers, my father, donated funds for us to travel to Honduras the year that we created a scholarship fund. I wanted to ‘seed’ a fund that we could build on to send Dania to school. Our board and community supporters were excited to be part of such a meaningful project. We set aside $1,000 from the Gil Rogers donation and raised the remainder through donations from family and friends and also held a few small fundraisers in Port Huron. The total raised for her education was under $3,000 and over the course of fifteen months or so, we paid her tuition as she attended both high school and nursing school and reported her grades and progress to us.

SCHOLARSHIP: Dania Padilla is our scholarship recipient. She was able to realize her dream of becoming a nurse and attending nursing school in 2014-15 thanks to donations to KidSAKE. KidSAKE paid for all of her classes, including books and transportation. She graduated with excellent grades, which is spectacular since she began school in her mid-thirties and hadn’t been a student since the ninth grade! She has set a wonderful example for her children as well as other moms and children in the village. Way to go Dania! Also, it was during her attendance at nursing school, the Honduran government changed their legislation to mandate that all nursing students had to have a high school diploma in order to obtain a nursing degree, so Dania had to [and did] dual enroll. It was extremely arduous, but Dania did it and we are very proud.

While we are not currently planning any other scholarships, this one held special meaning as Dr. Gil Rogers, PhD, was a lifelong educator and wanted to see his funding support Hispanics with continuing education projects. He created educational funding opportunities for Hispanics in Pennsylvania as well.

MICROENTERPRISE: In 2014, we built a chicken coop, partnered with INFOP, a high school tech school–this branch focuses on agriculture–, supplied irrigation materials for a large vegetable garden and began building a wall to finish safe-guarding the property so we could purchase the chickens and begin raising them for the soup kitchen.

SOUP KITCHEN & CHILDREN: We held two workshops–a painting workshop with a local painter, Lolito and a short writing workshop with the kids of the soup kitchen. The workshops were simple, but fun! We also paid for materials to paint murals on the soup kitchen. Lolito created the murals with his students. It really brightened up the cinderblock!

CLEMENTINA: Clementina is in her eighties now…and was recently ill, though she is now feeling much better. She is also currently up for a charity/humanitarian aid award.

Thank you for your donations! Please continue so that we can continue to do this great work in Honduras.

The Clementina Martinez Foundation website

To view a slideshow of some of our visits and work in Honduras and to see some beautiful people, please click on the link below:Project Honduras: photos to enjoy

Helping Hands

Students from Bethesda Elementary serving USAF in Honduras

Brownies helped to collect much needed items for children in Honduras

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