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Wings take time

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Creativity & Leonardo DaVinci

<a href="

” title=”Creativity & Leonardo DaVinci”>Creativity & Leonardo DaVinci

Let us be inspired, empowered, and passionate about what love truly is and let’s begin with generating our most creative ideas…

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | March 25, 2013

LunaFEST Film Festival, plan your date!

LunaFEST Film Festival, plan your date!

We hope to see you for LunaFEST, check out our calendar for dates and times!

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 31, 2012

On hope

“We should not let our fears hold us back from pursuing our hopes.” -John F. Kennedy

Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.  ~Christopher Reeve

When the world says, “Give up,”
Hope whispers, “Try it one more time.”
~Author Unknown

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 29, 2012

New Year, New Hope


For the first time, KidSAKE has a physical office space–a true blessing! Art for Good is our shared philosophy with the retail store that sells fair trade and artisan made products. KidSAKE has an ‘artbar’ and mirror wall for make-up workshops (theatrical). Our space is flexible, so we can have classes and events of many kinds. We hope that if you are in the area, you will stop by for a visit! Catch an indy film, hang by the art bar (get messy and paint), sign up for a class or get involved as a volunteer! We are launching our Picasso Project this month and will be busy beavers throughout the winter getting ready for a spring production.

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | September 17, 2012

ArtPrize: Grand Rapids, MI

If you’ve never traveled to Grand Rapids, Michigan, it needs to go on your bucket list. A beautiful city with a vision. The architecture is lovely, the city is one of the cleanest I’ve ever seen and the creative energy here is pulsing through the streets. What a privilege to be here this weekend. We were hosted by lovely people, made new friends and have been inspired in so many ways. Thank you Larry for helping us install our art piece and peace to all as we go forward into the next week and on to closing out this year. My prayer is for peace in our community as well–may we come together to do great things as the people here in Grand Rapids have done. My hats off to you, Grand Rapids, for showing the rest of us the way. Many thanks to the DeVos family for their commitment to creativity, community, culture, and excellence. ArtPrize. Check it out.

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | September 17, 2012

Artistically Speaking with Anita Newby

Another television taping this week–very uplifting being with these women and production crews that are thinking about building and sharing positive ideas, projects, culture. I am so grateful to be mingling with people who are unselfishly investing in the lives of others and doing what they can to spread goodness.

Far too many people focus on how they can bring other people down and it’s such a waste of energy!

Anita’s new program, Artistically Speaking, is just the shot in the arm the arts needs in the Port Huron/Blue Water region. Thank you, Anita, for pursuing your dream. Anita is fresh and interested; her interviewing style is warm and genuine. Thank you, Anita, for drawing me in and for allowing me the opportunity to share my vision with your viewers; our community.

We must share our dreams–believe in ourselves–buoy up those around us and grow together.

Stay positive, everyone. And watch Anita’s show, Artistically Speaking. It airs on Saturdays, channel 12 (Comcast).

On to ArtPrize!


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Television Taping: Eye-Opener, Port Huron, MI

Thank you, Northgate Bible Church, for having us on your program, Eye Opener. Kim Slowinski was an excellent and gracious host and the entire volunteer staff and crew–warm and welcoming. Karen Palka of A Beautiful Me–so great to see you! And Miracle Market–nice to learn more about this, can’t wait to hear more.

So good to meet and work with positive people working to make a difference in the world. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and spending time with positive, kind, giving people is always an energy boost!

Check our calendar for the dates these programs will air. The line up is great, so I encourage community members to tune in.

Bye for now!


Posted by: Jenny Rogers | August 6, 2012

Hard to leave, but no good-byes

It’s always been tough to leave Cane and Clementina, but this time was absolutely the most difficult. It is clear that Clementina is eighty-two years old. She is still endearing, mobile, loving, and serving everyone she sees that needs something. She loves all people, but her heart is touched most by children and the elderly. I want to open my heart to you in such a way that you can feel as I do when I think about what this beautiful woman means to so many.

At first, when I read Ernestina’s interviews of the women of Cane, I noticed the sameness in them. I don’t want to sound trite, but they were very concise reports of poverty and need; thanksgiving to Clementina and to Americans who help the soup kitchen.

Upon closer inspection and after this weeks interviews, however, I realize the depth of sincerity in each kind remark. Life in Cane, Honduras is hard. Pick any third world country and it probably shares the same symptoms. I just happened to land here in this one. The women and children here really are grateful for every single morsel of food–the hot meals during the week that sustain children through to the weekend so that the fifty cents available to purchase a handful of rice or beans or an egg can get them through to the next week.

Clementina’s heart breaks for the children, literally. My heart breaks for them, too, but I don’t live here. I return home to face my own personal struggles and adversities; traditions, routines, family, friends. But there is an echo in my mind always and has been since my first visit in 1999. This echo is Clementina’s voice, “Pasen adelante, pasen adelante [come in, come in]….[you are the angels God has sent to my door].” I love her. I am moved to tears thinking about her. I see my own grandmother’s reflection in her face; in her actions. When my own grandmother was eighty-four, she was suffering from Leukemia. She told me she thought she had lived long enough and passed away soon after. Clementina said today that her time was growing shorter. No! No, not yet. Let us firmly establish a legacy for you so that your work continues and prospers long after you are gone; let us prepare away so the memory of your life’s work and ambitions does not fade and disappear as the lives you touched move on.

My grandmother helped develop and support a soup kitchen in North Carolina. I didn’t know until after she passed.

Empowerment. That is what we are working on here. The gift of independence. Prosperity. Freedom.

Please consider contributing to this legacy as we at KidSAKE partner with the Clementina Martinez Foundation.

Thank you. So much.

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | August 5, 2012

Saturday: 40 Hours [in the church]

All week, Clementina has been telling us about this weekend’s special activities in the church. “40 Hours” is two days of a festival atmosphere on the square in Cane, while every hour is filled with prayers and music inside the church. The hour for her ‘Comedor Infantil’ (soup kitchen) was noon – 1:00 p.m. today. A couple days ago, when were talking about being thankful and praying, I sang a little bit of a song for her that I wrote years ago ‘Mi Senor’ and she inserted me into her program agenda for the day. Hermes was also asked to say the opening prayer. I must admit the church was quite hot and due to late bed times last night and really early rising today, we all became a bit sleepy during our hour there! But the children were cute and the prayers were nice and it was good to be together.

Before entering the church, we had a bit of time to look around on the square, so we went to different vendors and discovered a couple of  ‘microempresas’ [micro-enterprises] selling homemade baked goods. I bought Quesadillas (not what you are thinking at all, unless you have had the kind from here or El Salvador. This is a sweet cake), pastries that were made with rice flour and coconut sugar candy. After the service, we shared these treats with the moms and kids and Clementina passed along apple nectar to everyone.

Clementina’s interview went well and her grandson Juan de Dios came home so we were able to talk to him; he happens to log onto Facebook and agreed to give messages to Clementina, Valeria or other women from the soup kitchen if we need him to–YEA!!! Keeping our communication connection is going to be critical for ultimate success. That and the initiative the women take to assemble, learn, plan and continue.

The future is not something they talk about very much here. Life is definitely a daily activity. We are trying to instill the idea of planning into the women. Not just food and fish, but learning how to fish.

I am encouraged; I feel we have accomplished most of our goals here this trip. Tomorrow, we take pictures of children’s paintings for their microenterprise [for developing new products] and we interview Ernestina. We will give Clementina a list of contact information and her website address and some notes from our discussions and then we will say, “see you later” for indeed, I hope we do.

I must end this blog now as I have to work on Clementina’s website!


Sponsor for Dania to study nursing: $4000 a piece will cover two years of school and graduation! Supplies, books, and travel to the university in La Paz from Cane. (I will talk about Dania later, but she is a shining star here)

Sponsors for women to take art classes: $5/YEAR, once a week. Supplies are provided by UNICEF and other costs are provided by the municipality.

Sponsor for women to learn embroidery: stipend for the teacher, we haven’t decided how much yet, but she would need something for her time and travel, probably $5/week to teach a group of women. We will check on this.

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