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KidSAKE is a 501 (c) 3 Nonprofit: The KidSAKE Foundation 990 is listed with GuideStar.org

The Board of Directors is currently:

  • Jenny Rogers
  • Lee-Perry Belleau
  • Cheri Smith

KidSAKE Board has regularly worked with advisors on specific projects for information that required special expertise.

KidSAKE does not employ staff, working with volunteers since its inception. Larger or prolonged projects have paid an occasional stipend to designers/teachers/producers.

Fundraising is typically project-based, for example, funds will be raised to execute a specific project.

Find Art Out: KidSAKE created a public arts initiative that was semi-permanent by painting a mural on the Gill-Roy’s Hardware store wall in Port Huron, MI. Paint and supplies were donated by Gill-Roy’s Hardware. Students and KSF Board volunteered more than 600 hours prepping the wall, and painting the bricks and the signs. Work on the wall was discontinued due to lack of project funding.

Art for Good: Using the Arts for Good is the KidSAKE philosophy. While a public space was held in downtown Port Huron, Art for Good the business worked hard to generate enough revenue to support KidSAKE projects and provide salaries, but never got over the hurdle of paying for overhead and investing in supplies and projects. We thank our regular clients that helped us meet expenses, we miss you! Other public arts initiatives are listed on the Art for Good page and below on the ‘by the numbers’ pages.

Art to Go: KidSAKE can bring projects to you–educational workshops are the focus at this time. Please contact KidSAKE for details.

Community Service: KidSAKE Board and volunteers have donated thousands of hours, literally, to projects that have benefited youth and community in Port Huron and beyond, through direct and indirect contact. Some of these projects include:




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