Peace Project

The peace project began in 2012 for the third production of The Picasso Project. Since that time, each finale drop for the production Picasso Becomes You, has been created brand new for the production. The 2012 production involved community participation and a small committee of artists. The mural spanned 18′ x 27′ The Port Huron Peace Projectand was created as  a response to Picasso’s Guernica and his involvement in the International Peace Projects. This project was entered in ArtPrize in Grand Rapids in 2013 and was on display during that competition. The 2013 Peace Project was inspired by Picasso’s painting, Bouquet of Flowers, 1958, and was created by artist Jenny Rogers, though hundreds of peace doves were included in this three-dimensional project. Doves were designed and contributed by community members from schools, the YMCA, and the general public. The large bouquet replica was painted by Jenny Rogers and a team of volunteers. The project was completed for LUNAFEST, hosted by The KidSAKE Foundation in 2014. IMG_1783


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