KidSAKE Foundation

The KidSAKE Foundation is a 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit and was founded in 2000.

Inspiring, empowering and engaging youth in arts programming.


The KidSAKE Foundation is dedicated to serving youth through arts-initiatives that build self-esteem and strengthen character.


  1. Using arts-based initiatives equip, empower, engage, and inspire youth to become productive, caring citizens while serving to build better communities throughout their lifetime
  2. To create community collaborations that are reciprocal in nature
  3. To promote service above self and  adhere to high standards with a goal of excellence


Clementina Martinez in her soup kitchenKSF was founded in 2000 by Jenny Rogers and Maggie Schnaars in response to compelling stories shared by U.S. Troops stationed in Honduras. Troops volunteer at orphanages and in mountain villages during off-duty hours making humanitarian aid a number one priority.

“These stories moved us enough to want to make a difference in the lives of the small children in Honduras as well as to offer support to troops who were there doing just that,” states Jenny Rogers, Executive Director. “We have operated on a volunteer basis for nine years and are currently seeking financial support so that we can turn full attention to developing meaningul and life changing programs for youth in local as well as global communities.”

In 2004, we forged a valuable partnership with Middle Tennessee State University and Belmont University to complete projects that include renovating an elementary school, planting a grove of fruit bearing trees on school grounds, touring an original children’s play, conducting research and theatre workshops, and funding the creation of a non-profit (The Clementina Martinez Foundation) to support a soup kitchen.

To date, KidSAKE has also built a playground in a low income neighborhood in Franklin, TN, provided funds, medical care, clothing, shoes, toys, and over the counter medication to Clementina’s Soup Kitchen in Cane, Honduras and for several orphanages, provided Christmas greetings and care packages to troops who volunteer, collected and distributed educational materials and supplies to Honduras and much more.Clementina with children from her soup kitchen

KidSAKE Commitments:

  1. We commit to serve children and communities through arts-based initiatives
  2. We commit to develop programs that promote self-esteem; building activities and initiatives that lead to empowerment and self-reliance
  3. We commit to helping children realize they have a meaningful place in the world
  4. We commit to helping children by maintaining the highest level of integrity and ethical standards
  5. We commit to using funds frugally and wisely
  6. We commit to encouraging those we serve to serve with us and serve others by sharing what they know and learn

Please view the slideshow and video of projects in Honduras by clicking on the links below:

Project Honduras: KidSAKE & MTSU Team Up

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