Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 5, 2013

“Life is a mome…

“Life is a moment, but love is forever so give it away whenever you can.”
–Jenny Rogers

Dear Friends,

I was just on Facebook for a few minutes; dreadfully behind in my social media exploits, I noted within minutes that an acquaintance in Tennessee lost her father to some type of calamity while out hunting in Tennessee. The funeral is tomorrow. Another friend lost her dad a few days ago to an illness. My father is in hospice and lives far away. In contrast to this, I see my five-year-old grandson everyday and we celebrate life with him, looking ahead to the next new achievement. The words, expressions, and behaviors he masters [or begins to master] are the joys of each passing day.

I am reminded that gratitude is the best thing–well, one of the best. So today, I found myself telling God how grateful I was for everything including my gloves. I sure love to be warm in cold weather.

We may face many challenges, but somehow, we always make it through and we are truly never alone. If I look for the opening in the darkness, I always find it.

May God bless you this season and may you be filled with joy and gratitude.


Jenny Rogers


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