Posted by: Jenny Rogers | May 15, 2013

Chocolate for Chickens! Empower Women, Buy Chocolate

Dear People of the world 🙂

Empowering women to become independent by raising chickens. Help us help them! Buy chocolate or donate now! Thank you

Empowering women to become independent by raising chickens. Help us help them! Buy chocolate or donate now! Thank you

The work that we have done in Honduras may not be measured in # of rubber bracelets sold or by bricks placed or plants grown…but we have done those things and more. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned–if I had to pick one–is that serving others [no matter where and no matter how or with what] changes lives. Forever. And I am not just speaking about the people who are being served, because truth be told, how often do we really change someone else’s circumstance so much that they are free? It’s my life that’s been changed. It’s the lives of my children, the college students, my best friends Maggie and Monique, it’s all of the people who have donated shoes or school supplies or Tylenol…and for those of you who may not realize your gifts have impacted more than the lives of those who have received them, but my life and those who give with me–we are so grateful and so moved by your generosity. Thank you. We must believe in others, we must share love and serve, we must hope-always hope-that we can change our circumstance, make a difference, participate in something good. Our trip to Honduras this June is extremely important. After all these years of doing projects like refurbishing the school or doing an arts project at the school or planting trees…we have spoken often with the women of the soup kitchen about self-reliance. These women are strong, humble, generous servants. They give all, every day. These women just need a helping hand to get a jump start on a business that will provide food and money to help them get on the road to independence. Please consider helping us give this gift of independence to these women. Help us provide the tools they need to carry on Clementina’s legacy and empower them to continue feeding the children of their village into the future.

Any donation amount is valued and they are all tax-deductible. You can donate on-line, by mail (331 Huron Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060) or be stopping by in person. You can also plan to attend our super fun event at Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, MI on May 31st (see the flyer at left). As soon as we hit our mark for the basic needs of the trip, we will put funds into our scholarship fund to help fund a nursing degree for our first scholarship recipient.

We have great plans, we look forward to working with you and to the youth in your/our community. The arts will continue to be our foundation. Thank you for everything.      Jenny



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