Posted by: Jenny Rogers | May 12, 2013

Buy Chocolate: Empower Women! Chocolate for Chickens!

Buy Chocolate, Empower Women: Please join us in our campaign to sell 2,000 bars of fair trade chocolate by May 31st OR make a donation on our website. Our goal is $4000 for our Chicken yard/coop project for our team of 6 AND $4,000 more for our scholarship fund. We have selected our first recipient of the Dr. Gil Rogers Scholarship for a degree in Nursing, yea! Chocolate for Chickens is the name of the game! The link below is a video from one of the vendors whose products we sell in our retail store, Art for Good. Love you all! Thank you for your support. Our website has a secure donation button through Paypal. Help us change the world one person or village at a time. Thanks!

Join us at Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, MI on May 31st from 7:00 – 9:00 for a Chocolate for Chickens party! Silent Auction, lots of good chocolate food, great people and fun! See our events page for more information.


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