Posted by: Jenny Rogers | September 17, 2012

Artistically Speaking with Anita Newby

Another television taping this week–very uplifting being with these women and production crews that are thinking about building and sharing positive ideas, projects, culture. I am so grateful to be mingling with people who are unselfishly investing in the lives of others and doing what they can to spread goodness.

Far too many people focus on how they can bring other people down and it’s such a waste of energy!

Anita’s new program, Artistically Speaking, is just the shot in the arm the arts needs in the Port Huron/Blue Water region. Thank you, Anita, for pursuing your dream. Anita is fresh and interested; her interviewing style is warm and genuine. Thank you, Anita, for drawing me in and for allowing me the opportunity to share my vision with your viewers; our community.

We must share our dreams–believe in ourselves–buoy up those around us and grow together.

Stay positive, everyone. And watch Anita’s show, Artistically Speaking. It airs on Saturdays, channel 12 (Comcast).

On to ArtPrize!



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