Posted by: Jenny Rogers | July 31, 2012

1 + 2 = 3 The Matchbox Difference

Our second day in Cane began without two of our team members, because Austin’s hand was giving him a lot of pain [he came with a broken hand]. Gaby [her new nickname, given by Clementina and Martha] stayed with Austin during the day to make sure he had everything he needed. We are sorry to see him go, but tomorrow he heads to Tegucigalpa to fly home. Austin will keep up the good work, though, because he is going to network in the gift shops at the airport for Clementina/the soup kitchen. THANK YOU, Austin! We filled in time slots for the week today with Clementina.

Each day seems like two, there is so much to do. It is truly important to have an agenda, but the itinerary is what needs to remain fluid. Unexpected things arise that need attention and travel and communication are not as simple as they are at home.

Today, we spent quite some time sorting out details of projects and setting up dates and times to accomplish things; we were very fruitful. At the very end, as we departed from Clementina’s, she took us to purchase rosquillas (yummy) as is customary each trip, she gifts us each with a bag of them; a wonderful Honduran donut-shaped-biscotti cookie (sort of) with animal cracker type frosting. Had to have hot chocolate tonight for dipping mine.

After that, we went back to the statue of Christ that is enormous (Cane is the new Brazil) and on the highest point in Cane. It is beautiful and the view very grand. The statue dwarfs the wooden cross that stands in its shadow below. Matthew took quite a few pictures and then a little girl found him and began to giggle. She giggled and giggled and something reminded Matthew about his matchbox car in his pocket and he began to play with it, sharing with the little girl. They rolled it back and forth to each other on this wooden trough used for work on the statue. Eventually, two more children came, a girl and a boy. They all giggled and smiled (endless smiles). Matthew signaled for me to give him two more cars, which I did. Then we took pictures and left the three children delighting in their new treasures. Their giggles, a nice soundtrack for the day. Their smiles, a beautiful site.


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