Posted by: Jenny Rogers | July 30, 2012

July 29th

Today was our first day in Cane. Twelve years of visiting, working, laughing, eating, sharing, doing in this village. Coming back today was inspiring and discouraging at the same time. Inspiring to hear stories of children who grew to finish school and move on to college or work and improve their circumstance. Discouraging to see that the time-worn soup kitchen has been swallowed by decay, yet children meet their to eat their one daily meal, lunch, and then go home to perhaps less than what they experienced at the soup kitchen. Clementina is 82 now and has given her entire life to serving children. She desperately wants the women she serves to become independent, prosperous, healthy. Self-reliance is a gift, entitlement a cross to bear. Service is necessary-but a hand up is not the same as a hand out. People thrive when they are given opportunities to be challenged, to work, to grow, to give, to serve. Sometimes we need to lend a hand–during emergencies, a temporary time of need, sure, but it is not meant to be a way of life, a culture–always taking whatever is available or offered. We have to be careful to not enable in this way (I am speaking to myself, too). At KidSAKE seek to empower the women and children of Cane. But a helping hand is necessary, so here is the wishlist for today:


1. Storage building on new soup kitchen property for pantry items, food storage, etc.

2. Garden shed for gardening tools & the tools

3. Security wall to encircle the property

4. Bulldozer to grade the property/clear it for planting

5. appliances/bathroom fixtures/kitchen fixtures

6. Micro-enterprise support-email us if you have expertise in this area; thanks! We did find a mentor for the women here, and she is wonderful. Thank you, Martha!! PERHAPS if this micro-enterprise prospers, the women can purchase their own fridge, freezer, garden shed & tools…that would be a dream come true.

Until tomorrow!



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