Posted by: Jenny Rogers | July 29, 2012

Comayagua (food and water)

I do feel replenished by our day in Comayagua, though I am equally exhausted! We headed out early this morning to meet Reyna at her home. She gave us a cell phone to use and we gave her the embroidery supplies (thank you Mary Maxim, Karen [a Beautiful Me] and to all of the individuals who donated floss, needles, hoops, patterns, etc. [KidSAKE purchased some of these items with donations received during our fundraising at The Sail Away Cafe. Thanks, everyone!] Reyna works with the girls at the Guadalupe Home orphanage for girls by teaching them embroidery which could become an important trade skill for them to earn money later. Reyna also does other things such as teaching the young boys in the Royal Rangers program as well as English as a second language to Spanish speakers on the base where she works. She is busy!


1. Medals for children who win tournaments/soccer.

Reyna also works with the children as they play soccer. I asked her if they needed uniforms and she said that what would really be nice is medals they could earn by playing in the tournament. If anyone would like to donate medals (not plastic ones, but metal ones–plastic ones break pretty easily). She said the kids like to hang their medals on the wall when they win them. Email us or comment here if you would like to help out and we will let you know how.

After we left Reyna, we went to the gift shops in Comayagua to present the microenterprise to them on behalf of Clementina. They were kind and gracious and are excited to work with the women from Cane. We will see how the project unfolds throughout the week.

We also visited the historical Cathedral and saw the inner gears of the oldest working clock in America. The church was built in 1652–or close to this date. It is a very beautiful church on the square in the center of town. While we were there, folk dancers (in full costume) entertained the crowd. It was a sight to see!

Then we networked with a gentleman who owns a restaurant and also works for the bureau of tourism, following that, we went to Enlaces to meet our translator for the week and visit with Sandy, who has lived here for 17 years (she is from Michigan, too). Sandy is an inspiration and a wealth of information for understanding the culture, community work and how to approach projects here. She moved her entire family to Honduras in 1995 and planted a church, youth center and a bilingual school in Comayagua. Her center is beautiful and I have watched it grow and thrive for twelve years. If you are interested in knowing more about her mission, please find her on Facebook: Bridge Ministries–Enlaces Con Cristo. She does a medical brigade annually, food support for outlying villages in mountainous regions, and is also now teaching ESL classes with her husband, Curry at the local university.

A lot is happening here, many good things. I have much more to share that goes a bit deeper than a list of where we have journeyed today, but Matthew is waiting to upload photos, so I have to run for now. Thank you for following!




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