Posted by: Jenny Rogers | July 28, 2012

San Pedro Sula

Thus far in the Honduras, I have been amazed by everything I’ve seen.  Driving through the city, one sees many children and adults standing a few short inches away from the cars driving in this city traffic trying to sell items.  Ranging from bagged (not bottled..) water to car phone chargers – they were more than willing to risk their lives in order to make a limpura or two (equivalent to about 1/19th of an American dollar).   Even as a passenger in the car, I worried for my life’s sake as other cars would approach our car from behind and then stop as close as they could before smashing our rental car.  The most interesting person I have seen, however, was a poverty-stricken Honduran woman with a baby, feeding her child while standing on the dashed line in the middle of the Honduran highway.  She did not seem to worry about if her toes would be run over or if she would get hit, for she seemed to be content and not to even be attempting to cross the road.


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