Posted by: Jenny Rogers | July 21, 2012

Why am I excited about going to Honduras?

In 1999, I made my first trip to Honduras. I knew that it would change my life forever, but I didn’t know how or why exactly. I just knew that going to a third world country would make me different. I was right. When I returned from the first trip, I didn’t sleep for months. The images of children the same ages as my own were trapped in my mind. Their big eyes and beautiful smiles literally grabbed my heart as I reflected on their lives on the street or in the Red Cross Shelter. One mother, who never met me, told her children to tell me that I could have them all and bring them back to the United States. Then I met Clementina. She was in her late sixties, maybe. Diminutive in stature at 4’11”, but very large in spirit. When she ushered us into her house and told us that we were an answer to prayer and the angels that God sent to her door, I was humbled. At the time, I was thinking, “but I am a single mom with three kids…I am barely making ends meet myself, how can I be your angel?” Then the answer came at once, “Communicate. Find resources to meet the need, make it happen.” Okay. Simple, right? Yes! It is that simple. If more people would reach outside themselves just a little bit, to listen and hear what the needs are or where to find resources, then share the information, the world would begin to heal. Helping others is to love them. Service feels good. Why am I excited to go to Honduras? I miss serving my people there. I miss feeling their presence, I miss their smiles and their hugs and their warmth. Serving others feels good. I don’t know how the trip will unfold, but we have a good plan and we are ready. I trust that, as usual, the right things will happen if we do our part. I know that Clementina is ready for us and so are our the friends that have helped us to plan the trip. Thank you, everyone Stateside, that believes in and supports this project. Since 1999, KidSAKE has helped to connect resources to needs and many of the people we connected to the region have continued to return to work on projects and support the ones we began. Please know that your contributions are all meaningful. There are no small donations. Every giver has a big heart. I promise to do my best to make this trip as fruitful as possible on your behalf.


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