Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 2, 2011

The Power of One-positive legacy

I was listening to talk radio this morning and I heard someone speaking about the power of one person to make a change in the world. The obvious historical figure that comes to mind is Gandhi, but there are so many: Martin Luther King, Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, George Washington…each of these leaders and others, believed in creating positive, lasting changes to better the world. They are known globally now, for their place in history, but there are many leaders who are never known beyond their local or regional communities. These leaders are no less change-makers than the former. Clementina Martinez is One. She has quietly and lovingly served her community for more than thirty years. She believes in education for all, loves children, and does what she can to find resources for the poorest women and children of her community so they have food, clothing, and shelter. She prays continually and gives what she gets all the time. She has touched so many lives in the ten years of my knowing her that I can see the difference she is making–building a bridge from her third world to my first world. The funny thing is, the way she loves and lives her legacy…I feel like she is in the first world and I am in the third, for I am very poor indeed, comparatively speaking. Thank you Clementina, for your willingness to be One who makes a difference for good in the world. I hope I can follow  your example with the same courage and determination that you have shown me.

Cane, Honduras: Clementina and children from soup kitchen, the Comedor Infantil



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