Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 20, 2009


Dear Friends,

As we continue through this holiday season, I know that many people may not feel joyful. Try to reach out to others: be a light of hope, peace, strength, and beauty, to those who need it.

Here’s a reminder! If you know a young lady between the ages of 10 and 25, encourage her to enter the “Becoming a Better Me” essay contest! It’s part of our LUNAFEST: Films, Fashion, and Fun festival on February 6th in Saginaw, MI. It’s going to be a great day including a time for remembering our loved ones by creating valentines or making and purchasing special items for them. We will also be creating special Valentines for Vets for an event that will happen on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t forget to buy your ticket, available for online purchase or at the following locations: The Girly Girl Boutique, The YMCA, and Jake’s Restaurant in Saginaw.

Merry Christmas everyone! Be of good cheer.




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