Posted by: Jenny Rogers | November 13, 2009

Hello world!

At last we have a presence on the web again. Let it be known that a web guru would be nice, if anyone is interested! Web posting is the bane of my existence, though necessary. Where are my kids when I need them?

Please be patient as we add widgets and gizmos to this site. Ultimately you will be able to make donations and purchase cool art, enter contests and download registrations for our workshops, film festivals and the like.

Until that time, let me tell you that we GOODSEARCH. Please, consider downloading the Goodsearch toolbar to your web browser and add The KidSAKE Foundation as the charity of choice. Then, when you shop online, you will also be donating to our cause! Thank you so much.

We have other little goodies like Goodsearch to receive donations from purchases and will let you know about them soon.

Thanks for visiting!


Okay, friends, I just wanted to let you know that I found a couple of bugs in the slideshow links, but I fixed them. Also note that I’m aware of a few random errors in those slideshows–I’m trusting you will be forgiving–it is better that they are posted than if they had to wait for me to find the time to fix them up; that happens later when there’s an intern….any takers?



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