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The art of beauty


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Inspired Art Event: Art ‘n’ Soul with Tony Goodwin

KidSAKE Event Inspired Art Party Tony Goodwin Art n SoulTo purchase tickets for the Inspired Art: Art  ‘n’ Soul Event, please click on the donation button at right, put $45 as the amount [one ticket] or $45 x your desired quantity. Put a note in the message line that you are reserving your space at the party! We will stop taking donations for this event when the party is full. Limited seating is available. We do have a few partial scholarships available thanks to a generous donation from Pollack-Randall funeral  home in Port Huron. Call for more information if you need financial assistance to attend. Let the arts inspire you and come on down! Thank you for your support!

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3rd Annual LUNAFEST coming October 22-25, 2014

LUNAFEST Film Festival features films by, for and about women! They are wonderful, award-winning international films.

Dates: October 22-25.

Tickets: $25, includes a free beverage from the venue and LUNABAR; $20 tickets for Seniors and Students

Event locations and times: Kate’s Downtown [Oct. 22-23, doors open at 6:00 p.m.]; Art for Good [October 24, four showings, 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.] and RESA [October 25, doors open 5:00 p.m.]

Event times: Come early to relax, get your beverage, discuss the artwork, order food, settle in! Thank you for your support. Times listed above.

50/50 raffle; up to $100 in cash prizes.

Art Competition: Call for entries! People’s choice voting. Artwork will be displayed in Port Huron businesses.

Entry fee: $25 adults | $10 students up to age 18 and Seniors

Theme: Artist Choice

Medium: any artistic medium is acceptable, including literary

Entry Deadline: October 15, 2014. All entries MUST be dropped off or mailed to KidSAKE offices/Art for Good at 331 Huron Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060. Call or email for an application. 810.937.5578. Applications will be posted soon on this website.

Winners will be announced on October 25, 2014. People’s choice voting is $1.00. Proceeds from voting will be split between the winner and The KidSAKE Foundation. LUNAFEST is a fundraiser that supports the Breast Cancer Fund and local arts initiatives with The KidSAKE Foundation.

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LunaFEST is made possible through our community support!

LUNAFEST Dates:  April 1 – 13, Art for Good/KidSAKE | 331 Huron Ave. | Port Huron, MI  Make a reservation: 810.937.5578

Public screenings: April 4 and 11 at 8:00 p.m. Free popcorn & Luna bars Tickets are $10 each

Call and ask about special pricing for SENIORS | RED HATTERS | WOMAN’S LIFE groups!

Thank you to  the following businesses for their continued support of The KidSAKE Foundation and its arts programming:




LunaFEST supports the following causes:

art for good KSF logo copyBreast Cancer Fund logo

Trivia question for our free ticket & dinner and a show!

Question: What is The KidSAKE Foundation’s philosophy about using the arts?

Answer: KidSAKE believes in using the arts for good to build better community.

Trivia Question:

What is The KidSAKE Foundation’s philosophy about using the arts?


KidSAKE believes in using the arts for good to build better community.

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Join us to raise funds for our Honduras project!

Please share this link with everyone you know through May 4, 2014. We need to finish the wall around the soup kitchen so the chickens and garden will be safe. We also need to finish raising the funds for Dania’s scholarship for nursing school. School begins in February.

Thank you for your help. We will have a new website in the near future–and lots of great things happening locally. Thank you for your support!



P.S. Happy New Year!

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | December 17, 2013

Dr. Gil Rogers Scholarship Fund: Honoring my father’s life

Dr. Gil Rogers Scholarship Fund: Honoring my father's life

Dr. Gil Rogers passed away on Dec. 14, 2013 [just two days ago]. Gil was my father. He devoted his life to education, teaching valuable life lessons and serving anonymously through the Marine’s Toys for Tots program, KidSAKE, community programs [libraries, schools, cultural arts] and elsewhere. Last spring, his contributions made it possible for KidSAKE to send a team to Honduras and continue with the microenterprise project at Clementina’s soup kitchen. The project [raising chickens for meat–both for the soup kitchen and for sale/profit] isn’t finished. We need to complete the wall around the perimeter of the property to keep the chickens and garden safe. Dania Padilla will be managing the coop and we set up a scholarship fund in my dad’s name [I discussed this with him last summer, wanting his approval] so that we could begin to help [one at a time] those who couldn’t afford it, continue their education. Dania’s dream is to become a nurse. She is 35 and age 36 is the cut off date for students in Honduras to enter the nursing program. School starts in February and she has registered…having faith that we will be successful in raising the necessary funds for her to go. We seek to raise $4500. This will pay for her tuition, uniform, books, travel to and from school and help to offset the lack of income to her family while she is in school. We were able to pull $1,000 from my father’s donation in the summer and we have raised a bit more since then through the sale of items in our shop, Art for Good. I hope you would consider adding to this fund, not just for Dania, but for others we identify who are striving to serve in their communities whether in the U.S., Honduras, or elsewhere, that may be in need of support to reach a dream.

If you would like to donate, you can do so safely through PayPal online, please send us a note letting us know that you would like your donation to be applied to the scholarship fund.

Thank you so much for honoring my father in this way and for serving Dania–who is doing what she can to help the women in her village have a better life through this microenterprise and her service at the soup kitchen. We will post more of her story soon.

You may also see more by visiting our page for our Honduras Project:

Thank you, everyone.
Merry Christmas.


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“Life is a mome…

“Life is a moment, but love is forever so give it away whenever you can.”
–Jenny Rogers

Dear Friends,

I was just on Facebook for a few minutes; dreadfully behind in my social media exploits, I noted within minutes that an acquaintance in Tennessee lost her father to some type of calamity while out hunting in Tennessee. The funeral is tomorrow. Another friend lost her dad a few days ago to an illness. My father is in hospice and lives far away. In contrast to this, I see my five-year-old grandson everyday and we celebrate life with him, looking ahead to the next new achievement. The words, expressions, and behaviors he masters [or begins to master] are the joys of each passing day.

I am reminded that gratitude is the best thing–well, one of the best. So today, I found myself telling God how grateful I was for everything including my gloves. I sure love to be warm in cold weather.

We may face many challenges, but somehow, we always make it through and we are truly never alone. If I look for the opening in the darkness, I always find it.

May God bless you this season and may you be filled with joy and gratitude.


Jenny Rogers

Posted by: Jenny Rogers | May 15, 2013

Chocolate for Chickens! Empower Women, Buy Chocolate

Dear People of the world 🙂

Empowering women to become independent by raising chickens. Help us help them! Buy chocolate or donate now! Thank you

Empowering women to become independent by raising chickens. Help us help them! Buy chocolate or donate now! Thank you

The work that we have done in Honduras may not be measured in # of rubber bracelets sold or by bricks placed or plants grown…but we have done those things and more. I think the most important lesson I’ve learned–if I had to pick one–is that serving others [no matter where and no matter how or with what] changes lives. Forever. And I am not just speaking about the people who are being served, because truth be told, how often do we really change someone else’s circumstance so much that they are free? It’s my life that’s been changed. It’s the lives of my children, the college students, my best friends Maggie and Monique, it’s all of the people who have donated shoes or school supplies or Tylenol…and for those of you who may not realize your gifts have impacted more than the lives of those who have received them, but my life and those who give with me–we are so grateful and so moved by your generosity. Thank you. We must believe in others, we must share love and serve, we must hope-always hope-that we can change our circumstance, make a difference, participate in something good. Our trip to Honduras this June is extremely important. After all these years of doing projects like refurbishing the school or doing an arts project at the school or planting trees…we have spoken often with the women of the soup kitchen about self-reliance. These women are strong, humble, generous servants. They give all, every day. These women just need a helping hand to get a jump start on a business that will provide food and money to help them get on the road to independence. Please consider helping us give this gift of independence to these women. Help us provide the tools they need to carry on Clementina’s legacy and empower them to continue feeding the children of their village into the future.

Any donation amount is valued and they are all tax-deductible. You can donate on-line, by mail (331 Huron Ave., Port Huron, MI 48060) or be stopping by in person. You can also plan to attend our super fun event at Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, MI on May 31st (see the flyer at left). As soon as we hit our mark for the basic needs of the trip, we will put funds into our scholarship fund to help fund a nursing degree for our first scholarship recipient.

We have great plans, we look forward to working with you and to the youth in your/our community. The arts will continue to be our foundation. Thank you for everything.      Jenny


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Buy Chocolate: Empower Women! Chocolate for Chickens!

Buy Chocolate, Empower Women: Please join us in our campaign to sell 2,000 bars of fair trade chocolate by May 31st OR make a donation on our website. Our goal is $4000 for our Chicken yard/coop project for our team of 6 AND $4,000 more for our scholarship fund. We have selected our first recipient of the Dr. Gil Rogers Scholarship for a degree in Nursing, yea! Chocolate for Chickens is the name of the game! The link below is a video from one of the vendors whose products we sell in our retail store, Art for Good. Love you all! Thank you for your support. Our website has a secure donation button through Paypal. Help us change the world one person or village at a time. Thanks!

Join us at Kate’s Downtown in Port Huron, MI on May 31st from 7:00 – 9:00 for a Chocolate for Chickens party! Silent Auction, lots of good chocolate food, great people and fun! See our events page for more information.

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